Tips For Your Favorite Sex Toys

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Tips For Your Favorite Sex Toys

When it comes to traveling, there’s no reason you should leave your favorite Joujou sex toys behind. In fact, bringing them along for even a short weekend getaway in Australia can help to spice up some intimate times with your lover. However, to ensure you don’t have any awkward moments during your traveling experience, here are some tips you should follow.

We’ve all seen those funny scenes in our favorite television shows where the main characters get caught trying to smuggle sex toys in their carry-on bags. There’s nothing more embarrassing than a flight attendant looking at the sex toys through the x-ray machine when entering the line. You can easily avoid this problem by putting all your toys in your checked bags. This way you don’t have to be standing right next to your bag when it gets scanned for security. Don’t make the mistake of putting your sex toys in a carry-on bag.

When you’re moving bags around the jolting can sometimes accidentally turn on your sex toys. Not only will it be embarrassing when the bag in the back of your car starts to vibrate, but you’ll likely need to find new batteries when you arrive at your destination. Instead, simply remove the batteries from your toys ahead of time so that you don’t have to worry about anything unexpectedly turning on. Make sure that you remember to pack up some extra batteries, just in case, as well as your charging cords.

Sex toys aren’t complete without your favorite lubricants to make them so much sweeter. However, the recent liquid restrictions can put a wrench in your intimate vacation plans. Be sure that any sort of lubricants you pack are in containers that are three ounces or smaller so that you don’t have to remove them at the airport. To make your packing even simpler in the event that you do have a baggage screen be sure to put all your sex toys and their components in clear plastic bags. This will make it simple for the flight attendant screening your bag to see what’s in your luggage and get you moving onto the plan without too much embarrassment.

The last tip we have for you is to pack with your destination in mind. If you’re going to be traveling across the country where there are multiple flights that you have to take, you’re better off packing more discreet toys. Save the larger toys for closer road trips or one-flight vacations.

As you can see, traveling with sex toys doesn’t have to be a crazy experience. Rather, if you follow the tips outlined above you’ll be sure to get to your destination with as little headache and embarrassment as possible. Realize that taking along your favorite toys to your vacation can create an unforgettable intimate night with your partner.

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