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We check properties from top to bottom

    Ellis Building Inspections

  • Accredited Building Inspector
  • Accredited in Asbestos and Mould detection
  • 15 Years Building Trade Professional
  • Extensive Industry knowledge
  • Conducts a thorough site inspection which takes a minimum of 1 hr
  • Provide comprehensive & detailed reports
  • Reports comply with the Australian Standards
  • Personalised reports including all pictures taken at the inspection
  • Provide reports within 24hrs of inspection
  • Employs a professional pest inspection so that no stone is unturned
  • We contact our customers after each inspection to ensure they understand the reports and make ourselves available to them should they require clarification
  • Moisture meter for Mould and leak detection
  • Family owned business – we care about our customers
  • Fully insured


  • May not be accredited
  • Some inspectors have not worked in the building industry i.e. real estate agents
  • Not fully insured
  • Provide minimal sub standard reports consisting of 4-6 pages
  • Conduct complete inspections in 30-60 minutes including pest
  • Some Inspectors are not experienced in Pest detection as they have only completed a short course
  • Reports do not comply with Australian Standards
  • Not up to date with industry changes
  • Do not have the appropriate tools to conduct inspection
  • Quantity over quality

Our prices are subject to a number of factors including

Size of dwelling
Single Storey, Split Level, Double Storey etc
Construction type i.e Brick
Foundation type i.e Concrete slab, sub-floor

Prices are based on a maximum 20sq Single Storey, Concrete Slab & Brick Dwelling.

All Ellis Building Inspections customers are provided with a detailed report (including photos of any defects) conducted to the Australian Standards AS/4349.1.and AS/4349.0. which are provided to you 24hrs after scheduled inspection.

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  • Stage Inspections

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  • Building and Pest Inspections

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  • Mould and Asbestos Inspections

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reports in 24 hours of completed inspection

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