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Be Confident Enough. Trust Pre Purchase Building Inspections In Melbourne!

They say home is where the heart is… the place where memories and happy moments are made. Purchasing a home should be an exciting time, an anticipated time in everyone’s life. It should not be one of heartache and disappointment. Unfortunately, some new home owners are blindsided and it is not until the keys are handed over does the home tell the true story. Water problems, poor finishes, foundation movement and the list goes on. This is why a pre-purchase inspection is important, to ensure the home owner is aware of any hidden defects and to take the stress out of purchasing a new home.

Years from now, you will find yourself thankful that you had a pre purchase building inspection. Asking for the reason behind this statement? Check the following.

Why You Need Home Inspection when Buying a Property?

Of all the investments you could ever make in your life, buying real estate would probably be one of the very few that can make you feel proud and accomplished. It is the great Australian dream, a place to call your own. Because of this, purchasing a new home can be an emotional experience for most. Sometimes, this is why an independent inspector is important to take the emotion out of it and provide an unbiased opinion.

Here are the main advantages of having a pre purchase inspection.

Through home inspection, you can be warned of anything that can make you not want for a specific property.

Despite having an attractive exterior design, a home can be hiding a “dark secret” that to your bare eyes and vision could not distinguish at once.

A well- experienced home inspector can identify major and minor defects on a property. The inspector will inform you of any defects of the property before you buy.

With a building inspection from Ellis Building Inspections you can have a plan ahead of time.

Once you have been provided with a detailed inspection report, you can then make an infored decision regarding the purchase of the home in terms of price or any maintenance required once the home is yours. Some findings can be extremely costly to fix and therefore if you are armed with this information it can assist you with making your final offer or moving onto another property entirely. For example, a house may require foundation restumping which can costs 10’s of thousands to repair.

By having a successful home inspection, you can feel confident about the purchase you are about to make.

Ellis Building Inspections understand the significance of buying your dream home and ensuring the home does not have any hidden surprises that you would not be able to live with. Thus, we are glad to impart with you our expertise earned through years of experience in the building industry. It is our main priority to provide our clients with as much information regarding a property so that you can buy with confidence.

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