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What are the costs?

Building inspection costs

can vary depending on the type of inspection. The size of property , timber subfloor or concrete slab and external structures are the main factors of determining the inspection price.

What do you actually inspect?

On our inspections we inspect every part of the home as possible. We inspect under the sub floor , interior ,exterior , roof loft and on the roof for any defects.

How long does your inspections usually take?

Depending on the size and condition of the home and the type of inspection they take a minimum of 1 hour and up to 2.5 hours.

How long until I can have the report

Reports are emailed to you within 24hrs of the inspection time but we also ring you once the inspection is complete and give you a verbal run down of the findings.

What do I need to do to book an inspection?

Once we have spoken on the phone we will send you an agreement form to complete and return with all the details required in order for us to contact the real estate and book a time for the inspection.

When do I pay?

Payments are taken via credit card the day before the arranged agreed inspection time. We use commonwealth banks secure BPOINT facility and copy of transaction emailed immediately.

Do you do pest inspections?

Yes we do pest inspections. We employ a professional pest inspector with more than 10 years’ experience to conduct his inspection alone side us.

So you are getting two sets of eyes for the price of one with two individual reports.

When should the house be inspected?

We advise an inspection to take place prior to the signing of any contracts as the inspection may affect the offering price.

What if I don’t understand something on the report?

If for any reason you do not understand anything in the report we are only a phone call away.
We also contact you via telephone or email the day after to see if you have read and understood the report

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reports in 24 hours of completed inspection

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