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Building & Pest Inspections

Why do you need a combined building & pest inspection?

A building and pest inspection is an independent inspection conducted by two inspectors at the same time. One inspector will focus on the structural & finishing components of the home, while the other will focus on the detection of pests and termites.

As termite and pests can have shocking effects on the structure of the home, it is important that detection is done by a licensed professional. Termites are known to destroy the wall and roofing timbers of a home within 3 months of construction. As a result, termites cause more damage to homes in Australia than fire, floods and storms combined.

It is important to note that some areas of Melbourne are known to be termite and pest hotspots. Therefore, it is important for home buyers to investigate the presence of pests and termites.

With a combined Building and Pest Inspection, we will ensure both Inspectors conduct the combined inspection together to save time and money.

  • A Building & Pest inspection includes;
  • Structural Interior inspection
  • Structural Exterior inspection
  • Roof Cavity
  • Under floor space
  • External Site Inspection
  • Termite & Pest Inspection conducted by an qualified inspector

Pest & Termite Information

White-ants are a highly destructive timber pest, causing major structural timber damage to domestic and commercial buildings in Victoria. They are also social insects that build large nests in soil or wood who belong to a completely different insect group to true ants.

As a result, recent surveys show one third of all unprotected properties in Victoria are subject to attack by white ants.

Also, homes that are in built up areas especially close to established gum tree are most at risk.

According to Victorian Building Association the following tips can help you avoid termite damage:

Local councils may declare areas within their municipality that are likely to be subject to infestation by termites.

Consult your local council to determine whether the area in which you are planning to build has been declared subject to termite infestation.

  • choose a termite management system to suit your needs for the type of construction
  • understand the system of termite management and maintenance requirements for your house
  • check your property and building regularly for termite activity to reduce the risk of damage
  • have a pest controller inspect the house every 12 months. Especially, if you are in a high hazard area – expert inspection should also be done before purchasing a property with a termite free statutory declaration provided by the vendor.
  • if you are concerned about existing or potential infestation, contact your local pest control management company.
  • plumbing leaks, drainage problems and roof leaks should be addressed straight away as termites are attracted to damp conditions.
  • garden beds and mulching should not be built up against walls, as this can allow termites to enter without early detection.
  • do not block or cover sub-floor ventilation with garden beds, mulching or paving.
  • do not stack materials against walls, as this can allow termites to enter without early detection.
  • sub-floor areas should be well ventilated – ensure vents are not obstructed.
  • use termite-resistant timber for works around the property, including retaining walls.
  • use metal brackets for verandas and gateposts.
  • Finally clean and check timber decks.

For further information visit the VBA website

How much is a combined building & Pest inspection

The cost of a building and pest inspections vary depending on the size of the home & construction type. Therefore, when it comes to pest inspections it is important that this is carried out by a licensed seasoned professional with years of experience. This is why at Ellis Building Inspections we do not claim to be an expert in the detection of pest in a property and therefore sub contract this component out to a professional with more than 15 years experience.

With a combined building and pest inspection, you are getting two inspectors at the same time. Both are experts in their field and will look over every inch of the property to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

Ellis Building Inspections customers are provided with a detailed report (including photos). This report is conducted to the Australian Standards AS/4349.1.and AS/4349.0. which are provided to you 24hrs after scheduled inspection.

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