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Pre-Auction Inspections

pre-auction inspections in melbourne

What is a pre auction Inspection?

Buying property at auction is very different to other property purchases. When the hammer falls and you are the highest bidder, you have to sign the contract right there and then. This is why a pre auction inspection is so important. It will determine how high you go on the day.

It is an independent inspection conducted prior to a property going to auction. A building inspector will inspect every aspect of the building from top to bottom and all of the hard to reach areas. We will get up in the roof to check the structural integrity of your roof loft, under the sub floor and the roofs exterior. Provide moisture meter readings in the wet areas to ensure there are no leaks behind tiles/walls that could factor into your final bid.

Auction day is always a nerve racking day and it is always best to go in with a “game” plan. If you are armed with an inspection report listing any defects, you will be able to make an informative bid. The report will allow you to factor in any additional costs that might be required for repairs to the property prior to the day.

At Ellis Building, we ensure that all our inspection reports are provided to our customers within 24 hours of inspection. The report provided will be conducted to Australian Standards.

What happens if we dont win the auction

There are no guarantees that you will be able to purchase the first property on auction day.  This unfortunately is the reality for most people looking to purchase properties at auction.

We understand the process that buyers will go through when purchasing at auction. Therefore, we offer our existing clients a 50% reduced price on the next two property inspections subject to similar dwelling types (conditions apply).

How much is a pre auction inspection

The costs differ from house to house. The costs are determined by the size of the dwelling, the construction type i.e. Brick Veneer, number of storey’s & the foundation type i.e. concrete slab.
All Ellis Building Inspections customers are provided with a detailed report (including photos). This report is conducted to the Australian Standards AS/4349.1.and AS/4349.0. which are provided to you 24hrs after scheduled inspection.

For example a 20sq, single storey, concrete slab dwelling with brick veneer would cost $400.00 +GST

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reports in 24 hours of completed inspection

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