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How To Find A Competent And Reliable Building Inspector In Melbourne

Whenever you’re planning to purchase a building for business purposes, it is of high importance to find a professional building inspector in Melbourne that would assure you that the property would be safe, functional and beneficial. Most of the time, your real estate agent or the owner of the property would refer a building inspector to do the process. It’s a standard protocol anyway. But how would you know that you are hiring the most competent and reliable building inspector in Melbourne? Here are some of the key factors that you must consider.

Make sure you’re hiring a Building Inspector, not just a Home Inspector

Commercial building inspection is a lot different from a usual home inspection. From the size to the location, structure and leveling, commercial properties vary a lot from residential properties. The criteria and standards require a vast amount of knowledge, expertise and experience. The building inspector must have the license and the skills and in doing the process safely and thoroughly. He must also know the fundamental difference between a Commercial Building Inspection and a Property Condition Assessment.

Don’t just depend on your real estate agent’s referral.

Your real estate agent or any outside party that has something to do with the purchasing deal has his or her own interest. While it sound like less of a hassle to just accept the referral, it would not be a smart move to just go with the flow. Anyone who has proven interest on the benefits of the purchase will do anything just to close the deal and get on with it. But you are the buyer. You have the right to choose your building inspector and you must do it right.

Obtain what you can about your building inspector beforehand.

Do your assignment. There are lots of building inspectors in Melbourne and the Internet is a good place to start. You can also rely on the word of mouth marketing; check the backgrounds, the results of the previous works and the credibility before you decide to hire one. There are plenty of bonafide references online where reviews from recent clients are available. You can start from there. It is your future business at stake so it wouldn’t hurt to be vigilant.

Building inspector who belongs to a team or any trade associations is a plus.

If you’re prospective building inspector belongs to a team, it is a good sign that he is serious with his or her work. A trade, group or association usually has high standards and discipline before accepting anyone to the circle. Aside from the knowledge they have gained on institutions, the team of professionals never stop in promoting quality services where most are gained from experiences. They are also always aware of the ever-changing standards and will find ways on how to comply fully and accordingly.

If you’re in search of reliable building inspectors in Melbourne, Ellis Building Inspections is a reputable company that has vast knowledge, training, experience and confidence that assures you would receive nothing the but the detailed and thorough inspection report, along with the solutions and moves to take.

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The Importance Of Hiring A Professional Home Building Inspector In Melbourne

Buying or building a home is a huge investment. When you start the process of purchasing/building there are a number of different factors that need to be considered like cost, safety, interior, finishes just to name a few. Even though, purchasing or building a new home can be rewarding it can also be very stressful. The last thing that a potential home owner needs to worry about is any underlying problems that can interfere with the integrity of the property and can create more costs. At Ellis Building, we take the stress out of buying or building your dream home. We have an inspection to suit you.

If you have ever considered having a home inspection done but thought is it really worth it? Here are some reasons why you should think about getting a home inspection.

a. It can save you money. Once the contract has been signed there is no turning back. If there are any problems with the newly purchased home the costs lie with you. Some of these problems can be major structural issues that are not seen with the naked eye but could potentially cost thousands of dollars in repairs i.e. foundation movement, water leak. A home inspector is trained to detect any major problems with the house prior to you making your offer.

b. It takes the stress out of it. Once an inspection has been completed you know exactly what repairs (if any) need to be done once you have moved in.

c. Home inspectors can help you make the decision in buying a certain home based on your budget and your future investment.

Some families choose to build a new home rather than purchase an established house. When building a new home, there are three key inspections stages that should be considered. These are the frame stage inspection, lock up and the final stage.

a. Frame Stage Inspection: It is one of the most important inspections during construction. In this stage a visual check that all framing and plumb are correct. Also, a visual inspection on the following will be conducted: roof truss/frame is installed, tied down and braced, window and door openings have appropriate beams, wall frames are secured at top and bottom plate and the likes.

b. Lock up Stage: This will focus on ensuring general workmanship throughout the home prior to the house being “locked up” (plaster and doors being installed). This stage includes: check brickwork for damage or cracks, adequate clearance between window frames and brick sill, rubber weather strip has been installed properly and others. Inspectors will also look at services like plumbing, gas and electrical to make sure that they are located properly in the appropriate places.

c. Final Stage: Everything is put into place and ready to move in. But before moving, a final inspection should be done so that everything is all set. Things like roof cavity inspection, interior and exterior finishes should be checked properly.

Purchasing a property is really a smart investment. It is the smartest financial decision you can make as early as now. But before buying and signing the contract, it is essential to have a pre purchase inspection. It can serve as your deciding factor in purchasing your dream home. When you have your building inspected, you can check structural issues, check proper electrical wiring and you can also determine the repair costs. The smartest thing to do is to get an expert building inspector and they will do these tasks for you.

Inspections are a vital component of the home building industry. At Ellis Building Inspections located in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, we are dedicated in providing the best home inspection in Melbourne. We care about our customers and make sure that you will be updated in every working progress that we do. What are you waiting for? Contact us now at 0429 372 808 or simply visit our website www.EllisBuildingInspections.com.au.